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You have an assignment, and you need the developers. But to find and hire a good team can take a while and can be problematic. You need to find the office space for them, provide them with all the necessary equipment and so on. Then wait until they start working. In the end – it is going to cots you time and money.

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You can hire ProCoders specialists to expand your team for a specific project. So you get a well – trained, already solid team, that you can work with without taking any risks using our Dedicated team. In general, you reduce costs and increase the profitability of your business. Exactly what you need.

You are getting:
  • The development team for your assignment
  • Solid team
  • Cost reduction up to 60%
  • Already established team work processes
  • Control over the team work
You are not getting:
  • Time and effort spent on recruiting
  • Office and administration costs
  • Less important assignment that can distract the work of the main team.
  • Time delay
  • Additional costs for different processes

Hire developers

Kharkov — is the second largest market for IT-services in Ukraine. ProCoders is a company from Kharkov, and we are confident in all of our city advantages from the IT business point of view.

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People is the main asset

The main asset is personnel. Kharkov’s population is about 1.5 million; it is a student’s capital with 6 IT Universities and a dozen of IT schools. And the city also has growing and developing IT community.

Time zone working hours

Kharkov is located in the European time zone EET UTC +2, but for our American customers we adjust our working hours.

Investment Possibilities

Kharkov has the highest investment rating among all the Ukrainian cities. Since the population of the city is highly educated and aimed at the IT industry unlike other cities.


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